Shutdown: New system like ‘curfew’ to curb pandemic

Shutdown: New system like ‘curfew’ to curb pandemic


Published: 14:56 25 June 2021   Updated: 14:56 25 June 2021

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The word ‘shutdown’ has been discussed all over the country since Thursday. For this, everyone has two questions in mind - First, will the government impose a shutdown or not, and second, what will be the image of the country in the shutdown?

Moreover, many are looking for the difference between “lockdown” and “shutdown”.

The 38th meeting of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Wednesday recommended a “14-day Shutdown”. 

The information was given in a press release signed by the chairman of the committee Prof Mohammad Sahidullah on Thursday.

A member of the advisory committee, reluctant to disclose name, said the committee had agreed to a nationwide shutdown for at least two weeks to prevent the Covid-19 outbreak. “Shutdown would be a lot like ‘curfew’.”

About the shutdown, Prof Dr. Mohammad Sahidullah said the “shutdown meant everything would be closed”, except for emergency services. 

“Emergency services mean medicine stores, fire service, the media will be out of the shutdown,” he also said, adding if people accept this, the pandemic situation will be better in the future. 

The National Technical Advisory Committee said in a statement that the committee was “unanimously recommending a nationwide shutdown of at least 14 days” to curb the spread of coronavirus and reduce the risk to people’s lives. During this, except for emergency services, everything including vehicles, offices and courts need to be stopped. “If this system is not strictly adhered to, no matter how prepared we are, the health system will become inadequate,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain told the media that lockdowns have already been issued in 7 districts of the country to prevent the spread of the pandemic coronavirus. A strict lockdown may come before Eid to bring this situation under control. This decision will be effective only after getting approval from the Prime Minister’s Office.