Alexa Shapla Media’s complain against Shakib Khan

Shapla Media’s complain against Shakib Khan


Published: 19:35 11 September 2019  

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Selim Khan, the head of the production company of Shapala Media has filed complain against Shakib Khan. In addition to the alleged Shakib Khan, the copy of the notice of ‘Ektu Prem Dorker’ was sent to the Information Ministry, Secretariat, Bangladesh Film Producer, Distributor, Director and Artist Association.

Shapala Media mentions in the letter, you have participated in the maharat of ‘Ektu Prem Dorker’ movie after getting 6o lakh taka on July 26, 2018. It was supposed to be released on December 15 of the same year. But you would come 4-5 hours after regular call time, even in many days you didn’t come. After all these activities, the film will cost an extra Tk of 1 crore. But so far you have not participated in the movie’s dubbing.

The complaint further mentions that Shakib Khan didn’t work for ‘Ektu Prem Dorker’ movie, though have done many movies like ‘Shahen Shah’ of Selim Enterprise, ‘Password’ by his own production company, ‘Bheer’, ‘Moner Moto Manus Pailam Na’, and ‘Agun”.

Shapala Media Production Producer Selim Khan said that the dubbing will be finished if he schedules 2-3 days. Shakib has not given a date for nearly two months even after asking for a date. We have given this notice as a compulsion. He used to suffer people talking about work.

Currently, Shakib Khan is busy with his 'Agun' movie. His ‘Shahen Shah’ movie is waiting to release. It is also produced by Shapala Media. Meanwhile, Shakib's latest film, ‘Moner Moto Manus Pailam Na’ was released on the last Eid. But the audience response towards the film is not up to the mark.