Alexa Shabnur is alive and healthy: Family dismisses death rumors

Shabnur is alive and healthy: Family dismisses death rumors


Published: 13:34 30 July 2019   Updated: 14:13 30 July 2019



Rumors are becoming epidemic day by day. Especially in this age of technology, a false phenomenon is spreading easily on social media. Two years ago, rumors were circulating that the popular actress Shabnur was suffering from a deadly disease. This time, a new rumor has spread that actress Shabnur has died! 

And the whole Dhaliwood got panic in such rumor. But the actress is currently living happily in Sydney, Australia with her husband and children.

“The news of Shabnur’s death was totally false, this is nothing but a rumor,” Shabnur’s sister Jhumu told the media, “Often the rumors are spread about the death of various artists. Nothing has happened to Shabnur. She is all fit, healthy, and alive. Lives in Sydney, Australia.”

Meanwhile, Shabanur will return to Bangladesh very soon. Shabnur engaged with businessman Anik Mahmood on December 6, 2011, and got married on December 28, 2012. After marry, She started living in Australia and obtained citizenship. She became the mother of a boy on December 29, 2013. Her son’s name is Aizan Nihan. 

Shabnur debuted in the film industry through ‘Chandni Raat’ by the legendary director Ehtesham, which was released on October 15, 1993. The film, starring opposite Sabbir, fails to do business. However, Shabnur got popular as an actress by the film ‘Tumi Amar’ opposite Salman Shah was released in 1994, directed by Jahirul Haque, got a huge success. The actress paired with Salman Shah in a total of 14 films, all of them have a record number of business successes.