Alexa Senior sports journalist Ajay Barua dies 

Senior sports journalist Ajay Barua dies 


Published: 11:55 12 July 2019  

Ajay Barua; Photo: Collected

Ajay Barua; Photo: Collected

Ajay Barua, the Sports Editor of Daily Sangbad, died on Sunday. He was 70. He became ill after going to England for covering sports news. The veteran journalist died on Friday around 9:15 am while undergoing treatment at a hospital in London for 2 weeks.

Ajay Barua, a prominent sports journalist and freedom fighter, has been working as a Sports Journalist since 1974 on Daily Sangbad. He involved with Sports Journalism in nearly five decades.

Before Sports Journalism, he was an athlete. He received Honorary Blue for contribution in sports from Dhaka University. He was also the sports secretary of Jagannath Hall. At the beginning of the traditional Abahani Club, he was a member of the football team.

Before independence, he completed postgraduate in Mathematics from Dhaka University. After independence, he took Sports Journalism as a career. He witnessed many histories of the country’s sports and media. Many Sports Journalists of the country are made by his hand.