Alexa Scouts members reaped paddy free of cost

Scouts members reaped paddy free of cost


Published: 19:35 14 May 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Members Helds Open Scout Group in Mymensingh’s Phulpur are helping the poor farmers by reaping paddy from the field free of cost. On the first day, they cut and collect Boro paddy from 80 percent of the land firmed by a poor cancer affected farmer Abu Bakker Siddique.

Boro bumper crop has yielded in 80 decimal land of cancer affected farmer Abu Bakr Siddiq. But due to lack of strength and labor cost, the Scout group members reaped his paddy free. On Monday (May 13th), they have reached all the paddy to the farmers' house after reaping and collecting them.

The scout group is known in the whole upazila for its social activities. The group leader Tasafik Haq Nafi said that due to the high wages of rice harvesting workers, many poor farmers have been in danger about reaping paddy.

So they decided that they would cut off the paddy from land of some poor peasants, voluntarily. Then they made a list of 11 farmers. The first name on the list was farmer Siddique. Yesterday, they finished Abu Bakar’s field. After harvesting the paddy, it also reached the farmers' house.

He also said that the farmer Siddique's house is about 10 kilometers away from the upazila headquarters. At 8 am they gathered at the headquarters. Then, at 9pm, they reached at Abu Bakar’s village Ghomgaon of Ruposhi Union and started reaping paddy. On Monday, they were a total of 20 people. However, there are total 50 members in their team.

Scout member Milon Mia, who participated in the rice harvest for first time, told that. It is very much liked that I have helped a helpless person.

Farmer Abu Bakr Siddique said, "I have been suffering from cancer for two years." I am penniless for the treatment. I was frustrated with not getting the workers, despite firming Boro paddy through too much trouble. I was able to cut rice with their help.”

Atidur Rahman, co-chairman of Helds Open Scout Group, said that the price of rice is low, and the problem of labor crisis is a current issue of across the country. In order to find effective ways to solve this problem, we have decided not to do any human chain or claim program, work directly to resolve the problem. We took decision of harvesting directly. Our initiative will continue. Members did not reap paddy before. They are happy in the voluntarily job.