Salman Shah`s wishes fulfilled: Samira

Salman Shah`s wishes fulfilled: Samira


Published: 18:22 26 February 2020   Updated: 18:24 26 February 2020

Salman Shah`s wife Samira

Salman Shah`s wife Samira

Salman Shah, one of the brightest stars in the history of Dhallywood, died on September 6, 1996, but the mystery of his death was unknown to common people. Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) submitted a final report on the case filed over Salman Shah's death. The report said Salman Shah committed suicide not killed but his mother Neela Chowdhury and her family have refused the report.

After the final PBI report has been published, there have been various discussions and criticisms over the matter. Salman Shah's wife Samira Haq has spoken over the issue to Daily Bangladesh. From there, a special section is highlighted for Daily Bangladesh readers-

Daily Bangladesh: You were the accused in the Salman murder case but the PBI report said you are not guilty. How do you describe it?

Samira: I left my house for him with a single cloth and got married. I lost my husband in front of my eyes but I was blamed for his death. I fought with myself every night, every day. I was humiliated to society and to the fans of Salman. No one can understand how I passed 20 years, how hard it was to me as a woman, how inhuman it was? Yet I was patient. Because today or tomorrow, the truth will come out.

Daily Bangladesh: Many of the family, including Salman's uncle Alamgir Kumkum, have raised questions that your aunty Rubi Sultana did not questined in this case by the PIB. So the investigation is not complete!

Samira: Rubi Sultana is not my aunty. I have three maternal uncles, all three of them married Chinese girls, live in Canada. Rubi is married to a Chinese relative of my sister's mother-in-law. I have no relations with her. She came to Facebook live and made her husband and brother a murderer of Salman and spread a fascinating story. His family later said Rubi was mentally unstable. She is also receiving treatment. That's why PBI may not have been scrutinized her. PBI has given an explanation over the issue.

Daily Bangladesh: Salman's uncle also said that you did not become ignorant even after seeing your husband commit suicide

Samira: Does the bride become senseless when her husband is dying? Or try to handle it, trying to call others? Kumkum uncle says so, one of his sons has also died but I never saw him crying for that boy. He does Salman Salman all day but Salman did not like him at all. In fact, there is no end to their words. Never said I was in the room at the time of the incident. Rather than you said I was decorating makeup. Ever said I was in a room next to the door. But the truth is I was there.

Daily Bangladesh: What were you doing then?

Samira: Come on from the previous question - Why should I be senseless? What does it mean to be unconscious here? Emon's uncle might have meant I was normal. Which is a complete lie, when I opened the door and saw Salman hanging, I started screaming. The question is why the doctor did not call, did not take me to the hospital. I did not think that Emon (Salman Shah) is alive. Everyone was trying to bring him back down to consciousness.

Who said I did not call for a doctor? There was no land phone in the house. The phone that was there had broken at night. There was no way to call someone immediately. People in the neighborhood rushed to hear my shout. Someone went down and called a doctor. Emon's parents were reported. They came.

Daily Bangladesh: So why Salman's family says you were not in the room?

Samira: I was not on the spot how did they say that? There were about 25 people in the room. When Emon's father, mother and younger brother came, Emon's head was in my lap. I'm crying. Nobody consolidated me. Not even my father-in-law. My mother-in-law entered my room from behind and kicked me in the back. She began to curse in obscure language. Emon's younger brother, he was also a bully. The incident happened in front of the housemaid. Many have said this in a statement to the PBI.

Only they lost their children and brothers, I didn't? I also lost my husband. I also lost my husband at the age of 22. Did anyone try to understand my suffering that day? I was introduced to my countryman as my husband's murderer. Who will judge the injustice that has been done to me for 20 years? As a woman, can anyone understand this struggle, the struggle? I have this question to those who have agitated me without the proof of any information and have just agitated with my passion for the story and the mind-blowing information.

Daily Bangladesh: Neela Chowdhury (Salman Shah's mother) poses the question, how if Salman Shah committed suicide, how was he buried in the tomb of Hazrat Shahjalal (R)? Those who commit suicide are not buried in the shrine!

Samira: The only thing they should know is how they buried Salman there. You ask. Why was he was buried in such a hurry? I was not taken with the body. They hide the truth with the shrine and it was their responsibility, not me. But I am happy to be in the tomb of Salman. We went to Sylhet once for a movie shoot. In the service of Shahjalal (RA), I visited the two. Suddenly Salman says he should be buried here if he dies. Somehow (Salman Shah's) wish was fulfilled.  

Daily Bangladesh: Salman Shah's family is being told not to accept the PBI report. They may go to the High Court for trial!

Samira: The truth will never be false. They do not trust the country's legal system. They refused the investigation of DB, CID, and PIB. Now, where will they go for farther investigation? They themselves? Or the people? People didn't know all about this earlier but now. The judgment of the people will not go in their favor.