Alexa SP cultivated paddy in fallow land

SP cultivated paddy in fallow land


Published: 14:52 15 May 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

SP Muhammad Jashim Uddin was harvesting ripped paddy and hundreds of people were watching the scenario at Narail Policelines on Tuesday morning.

Sources said, this season, SP Jashim Uddin has cultivated paddy in 20 decimal of fallow land inside the Narail police lines. As those paddy got ripped, he himself wearing t-shirt and trouser went to the field along with several police members and started reaping at the morning yesterday. And thrashing too. Such exceptional activity of district police has been appreciated to all.

Regarding this matter, SP Jashim said, “20 decimal of land has been left abandoned for 30 years in the police line. With all, I produced paddy in this land. We have cultivated the land. Harvesting ripped paddy, we are thrashing them today.”

“There is an exceptional joy in harvesting self-cultivated paddy. We all of the police lines will celebrate the Nabanyo festival with this rice,” SP Jashim added.