Alexa Riaz-Ferdous replies sternly over taking funds money

Riaz-Ferdous replies sternly over taking funds money


Published: 17:16 9 October 2019   Updated: 19:14 9 October 2019

Riaz and Ferdous

Riaz and Ferdous

Riaz, Ferdous and screenwriter Popy were nominated from Misha-Zayed panel in the election of Bangladesh Film Artist Association for the 2017-19 term. This year, they are not participating in the election. In the meantime, they made several allegations against the Misha-Zayed panel. Zayed Khan has opened his mouth on the issue of the allegations.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Zayed Khan said, “We had high hopes for Riaz, Ferdous.” 

“In two years, they did not pay a penny in the fund. What is their contribution to the association? When someone died, they did not come, nor did they take part in any of the milad mahfils.” 

“Now, they made an allegation about funding, where Riaz and Ferdous have taken Tk 50,000,” he added.

Meanwhile, expressing anger on the issue of taking money, Riaz said, “I am shocked to see such a lie.”

“Me, Ferdous or Popy — is anyone an artist for Tk 50,000? If so cheap, I could do four shows a day. Do they think everyone is their own size? Is there any receipt to take of that money?” 

The show in Narayanganj was a budget of Tk 8 lakh. Of this,  Tk 4 lakh has been deposited in the funds of the Artists Association. And the remaining Tk 4 lakh was given to those who have performed. But not as a remuneration. It was for the dress and other expenses which was determined by everyone, he said. 
“If I, Ferdous and Popy take in a total of Tk 1.5 lakh by Tk 50,000 then where is the remaining Tk 2.5 lakh?” 

As they are contesting, they should do so. Questions can be raised a lot. But they must suffer the consequences if they raised false allegations, Riaz added.

Meanwhile, regarding this, film star Ferdous said, “Is my remuneration Tk 50,000 for a program? Why would I do a show with only Tk 50,000? From here, it is understood that this is baseless propaganda. Can they prove I took the money?” 

“A lot can be said. But it’s not okay to talk without evidence. I do not want to say any more about the issues of the association,” he also said with a lot of resentment.