Renu`s brother heartbreaking status

Renu`s brother heartbreaking status


Published: 19:03 23 July 2019  

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Criticism has swept across the country over the killing Taslima Begum Renu for suspected child-lifter. Renu went to school to admit her younger daughter Tuba. But some savage inhumane people beat and killed her over suspects.

Renu's elder brother lives in abroad. The divorcee Renu along with Tuba was supposed to go to her elder brother. But that didn't happen again. Renu’s elder brother Riaz Mahmood wrote on his facebook about the whole incident.

His status is highlighted directly below:

My sister is ten years younger than me. Renu is her name. She died in the lynching. From a very early age, Renu was nervous in nature but she was very meritorious. Never been second in school. She was the first girl of all time.

Dad dreamed about Renu, she would be a doctor or BCS cadre. But Renu was not happy in her married life. She was living alone with two small children.

Her family had broken earlier. Parents have also died. Renu tried to make her children good student like her. The younger child is only four years old. On the night before her death, Renu was seen restless. She will go to school the next morning to admit her younger children.

In the morning, she went to primary school to know about admission. But suddenly two boys started asking her awkward questions in unfamiliar places. In this type of situation, Renu felt uncomfortable. She could not talk. Throughout her life, ordinary women like hers could not absorb the outward pursuit of society.

For her inward-looking nature. If she stood in front of such influential people like police, goons, powerful, dominating society she couldn’t speak. But in her mind she thought that others were adapting quite well, why couldn't she?

Why in these situations, she lost the ability to speak. Why she could not protest wrongdoing, why she can't answer the question of people. She did not even know why she was silent in her mother's shout, why she was mute in her husband's wrongdoing, why she act like criminal hearing the name of police.

She was scared of Dhaka city. That fact has taken her life. Hundreds of people have brutally beaten her. Her whole body thrashed after beating. She was still looking at the people before her last breath came out. With bloody faces, hairs in the sweaty foreheads, sweat in the blood and she looked at the men (man ???!). Maybe at the last moment, she was trying to say something… "Brothers, I came here to admit my child into school.”

“I am not a kidnapper. My name is Taslima Renu. I have two kids. After my death, they become alone. If I still get admitted to the hospital, I won't die. I want to get back home soon. The kids are waiting for me at home. "
But Renu was just watching. Renu falls down on the floor with confusion. Two hands, four hands stuck. They beat and ended - not just Renu's life, but all her dreams, her past, present, future. Thanks to all those who took and watched the video of my sister’s murder.

You guys are very organized, smart, fit, and safe. Renu, my sister if she would become a little too.