Alexa Rajbari’s train went to Faridpur mistakenly!

Rajbari’s train went to Faridpur mistakenly!


Published: 19:40 9 October 2019  

File Photo

File Photo

Rajbari’s Goalanda Ghat-bound Mail Train, left from Khulna, was reported to have missed the line and entered to Faridpur line due to negligence. 

The incident took place at Panchuria Junction Station around 11:15 am on Wednesday.

Panchuria Stationmaster Moslem Ali said that after leaving the Faridpur Express-1 train in the morning, it was forgotten to change points (lines). Due to this, the mail train left from Khulna was on the Faridpur line. 

However, after going a short distance, the locomaster (driver) of the train immediately turned off the engine after sensing the matter. Then the train returned to Goalanda Ghat. There were no casualties or damages reported.