Putin can `attack` Ukraine: US

Putin can `attack` Ukraine: US

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Published: 14:17 20 January 2022  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

US President Joe Biden has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin could launch an "attack" on Ukraine. His idea, however, is that the Russian president may not be on the path to 'all-out war.'

Joe Biden made the remarks at a news conference on Wednesday, the first anniversary of his presidency, according to the BBC.

Neighboring Russia has long deployed about 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border. There are also fears that Russian troops could invade the country at any moment. Biden made the remarks in front of reporters on Wednesday amid growing tensions over the situation. However, Moscow has repeatedly said it has no plans to invade Ukraine.

Asked at a news conference on Wednesday about the threat of Russian aggression in Ukraine, Biden said, "I think he (Vladimir Putin) will attack Ukraine." He has to do something there.

However, the US President also warned Russia as soon as he expressed his views. Joe Biden told a news conference that Russia's leader would have to "pay a heavy price" if the West took the test.

The Democratic president also said that an attack on Ukraine would result in a blockade on Russia that Putin could not have imagined. However, the level of punishment will depend on the type of attack.

However, in the wake of Joe Biden's remarks at the press conference, some journalists questioned whether the United States would accept a small-scale attack on Ukraine in his (Biden's) words. A statement from the White House stated that "the position of the United States is very clear.

In a statement issued Wednesday night, White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said, 'If the Russian military moves towards the Ukrainian border, it will be considered an attack and will receive a strong and united response from the United States and its allies.'

However, Moscow has denied US claims that it has any plan to invade Ukraine. At the same time, Russian officials insist that they have the right to deploy troops anywhere on their territory.

Moscow is blaming NATO, the military alliance, for destabilizing the region.