Put Myanmar for Rohingya return; FM urges US

Put Myanmar for Rohingya return; FM urges US

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Published: 23:15 18 July 2019   Updated: 09:33 19 July 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Foreign Minister AK Md Abdul Momen has urged US lawmakers to create all possible pressure on Myanmar to create a safe environment Rakhine for Rohingys and to bring back Rohingya who took shelter in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Embassy in the United States said in a press release on Thursday that the Foreign Minister on Wednesday held a series of meetings with US lawmakers in Washington DC. At this time he urged them.

In the meeting, US lawmakers praised Bangladesh's generosity for providing shelter to a large number of Rohingya people.

In the notification, they assured that they will continue their efforts in this regard. At this time, Momen acknowledged the United States' strong political and humanitarian support for Bangladesh in Myanmar's Rohingya crisis.

In the Cox's Bazar district, more than 11 lakh Rohingyas have been sheltered due to forced displacement. Most of them came to the country since August 25, 2017, after Myanmar army started the repression over the huge population.

The United States explained the Myanmar army's oppression as "a good example of ethnic cleansing".

Abdul Momen also held a meeting with US Foreign Minister Senator James E. Rich and Senator Bob Menendez while James (Republican-Idaho), Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Menendez (Democrat-New Jersey), Banking Members of the same Committee were Present.

At the time, the Foreign Minister Md. AK Abdul Momen, held a meeting with Congress member Elliott Engel, Congress member Bram Serrman and Congress member Grace Meeng. The meeting was attended by Eliot (Democrat-New York), Chairman, Hare Foreign Affairs Committee, Sherman (Democrat-California), Chairman Sub-Committee of Asia, The Pacific and Nonproliferation, of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Major Democrats- New York ).

In the meetings, Momen highlighted the socio-economic development of Bangladesh in the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. During this time, US lawmakers also appreciated Bangladesh's development. Bangladesh Ambassador to the United States Mohammad Ziauddin was also present in the meeting.

Foreign Minister AK Md Abdul Momen currently staying in Washington DC in an official invitation of his US counterpart US Foreign Minister Mike Pompey, to participate in the ‘Second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom’.