Alexa Purnima demands excess payment

Purnima demands excess payment


Published: 20:25 25 August 2019  

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File Photo

Purnima has not seen in new movies for a long time. For several years, she did not perform in the new movie. She returned from a break last year. She has two movies in hand. However, it has been known that the actress is seeking extra payment for the new film according to director Parvez Amin’s statement.

He said that I had offered work Purnima for my new movie. She demanded a lot more fees. As a result, I had to quit doing films with her. Later, I was bound to take Kolkata actress Swastika Mukherjee in the movie as her replacement.
Regarding the film, Purnima said, "I cannot say whether I have talked to this movie. However, recently I had no discussion about the new movie with anyone. It may have been a long time ago, I have forgotten.” 

Meanwhile, Purnima is currently working on the movie 'Gangchil'. In the film, Ferdous is starring opposite to her directing by Nayem Imtiaz Neyamul. The movie is currently being screened in Noakhali. However, Ferdous and Purnima are not participating in this lot.