Alexa Public sufferings for holes on road 

Public sufferings for holes on road 

Shahjada Imran, Cumilla

Published: 19:02 10 June 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Barura Upazila Parishad-Barura Shaheed Memorial Government area road of Cumilla, thousands of students-pedestrians are walking and vehicles are moving everyday on this road. However, everyone is suffering as the road pitch and brick-stones are removed from the road and holes are created. 

There are small-large holes are seeing on the road from Barura Bazar to Upazila’s Adda area. Extreme sufferings are being created as the rainwater accumulated on the mud-water road.  

So, hundreds of people traveling from Barura Shaheed Memorial Government College, Barura Bazar, government and non-government organizations include Upazila Parishad are suffering eveyday. In this opportunity, rickshaws, battery-operated rickshaws, CNG auto rickshaws are taking additional rents. Often the drivers expressed their reluctance to drive. 

“The road was not being reformed for a long time. As a result, the pitches and brick-stones are starting to erase and holes were created. Now rain water is getting on these holes. All of us are facing extreme suffering,” said  Billal Hossain, a resident of the upazila adding, “To get rid of this suffering, the road needs rapid reform.”

Autorickshaw driver Abul Kalam said that he was afraid to drive from Barura Bazar to college road. “The vehicles often get trapped in the big holes with the passengers on it. And the passengers were forced to take down from the vehicle. As there is enough income on other roads, I do not drive the vehicle on this road.”

“We have taken the initiative to reform the road. The work of soil filling is being interrupted for rain. So, the work speed has decreased. When the soil is filled, the work will be completed within the stipulated time,” said Barura UNO Md Mazharul Islam.