Alexa Proper diet, healthy `heart`

Proper diet, healthy `heart`

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Published: 17:45 9 May 2019   Updated: 17:45 9 May 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Controlling heart disease is not dependent only on medication, but proper diet is also needed. In many cases, inherited genetic problems is responsible for heart disease. But it is possible to prevent through proper treatment and diet. There is a problem of heart due to various reasons such as smoking, excess stress, lack of body exercises. Besides, lack of a proper diet can also be the cause.

Do you know? After eating extra fat, the fat starts to grow on the blood vessel! As a result, the movement of blood is interrupted. In many cases, the heart attack caused by blood clotting in the arteries. And if such type of blood vessel goes to the brain, then it appears that the stroke. Your heart health is also dependent on what type of food you are eating. Even if you already have a heart problem, you will also get the benefit if you follow the right diet. The right foods help keep your artery clean and prevent cholesterol accumulation. As a result, blood remains fluid and non-frozen and heart is also good.

Let's know the right diet –

1. Be habituated to eat at least 2 to 3 types of fruit daily.

2. Avoid all kinds of lentil meals, sweet treats. Because these foods are later converted to fat.

3. Eat more wholegrain cereals such as wheat, brown rice, millet, buckwheat etc.

4. Vitamin E helps reduce LDL cholesterol. You can take 200 to 400 milligram Vitamin E supplements every day with expert advice.

5. Walk for 30 to 40 minutes on a daily basis. Blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol will all be in control.

6. Keep at least 25 percent vegetables in your daily diet (excluding potatoes). Vegetables contain lots of fiber that help reduce cholesterol.

7. Every day you can eat 2 Garlic cloves. Garlic helps reduce vascular radiation, which means blood pressure. Garlic antioxidant helps in cancer prevention and also keep blood fluid.

8. If you are suffering from heart problems, then put more raw onions, ginger, black mushrooms, garlic and green tea in the diet. They do not bind to blood clots.

9. If you have coronary heart disease, eat one or two boiled black or green gram each day. You can also make salads by mixing a little olive oil and onions. It also reduces cholesterol.

10. Green vegetables juice is good for liver. And liver help digestion. If the liver is good then fat digestion is also good. Green juice also helps in the removal of Anemia, body or mouth odor and keep the blood pure and fluid. So one day glasses of fresh vegetables juice can eat. It can also be the juice of mint leaves and mint juice.