Probe report against Toma Mirza, 4 others Feb 9

Probe report against Toma Mirza, 4 others Feb 9


Published: 15:42 11 January 2021  

Actress Toma Mirza and her husband Hisham Chishti

Actress Toma Mirza and her husband Hisham Chishti

The court today has set February 9 by deferring the submission date of the probe report of the case filed by husband Hisham Chishti against four people, including actress Toma Mirza, on the charge of attempted murder.

Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mamunur Rashid’s court fixed the new date on Monday as the investigating officer of the case could not submit the investigation report.

The other accused in the case —  Toma Mirza’s mother Fatema Begum, father Mirza Abu Jafar and brother Wasim. 

Hisham Chishti filed a case against four people, including Mirza Farzana Yasmin Toma (Toma Mirza), on December 6. 

Earlier, actress Toma Mirza filed a case against her husband Hisham Chishti on December 5 at 3:00 am with the Badda Police Station on charges of threatening, beating her under the Prevention of Women and Children Repression Act, Digital Security Act and dowry. 

According to the case details by Hisham Chishti — he and Toma Mirza got married about a year and a half ago. Toma took a total loan of Tk 20 lakh from Hisham at the persuasion of her parents at different times after marriage. When he asked to repay the loan, Toma showed reluctance to pay.

In such a situation, on September 29, Hisham came to the country from Canada and asked Toma to return to his house, however, she started showing various excuses and stayed at his father’s residence. When Hisham went to his in-law’s house, everyone in the house, including Toma, started rough behaving with him.

At one stage, Hisham was asked to come to Toma’s house in Badda around 3:00 pm on December 5. After discussing various issues there, they involved in a heated argument with the members of the house when he asked to repay the loan of Tk 20 lakh.  

However, the member of Toma’s family got angry and attacked Hisham. An attempt was even made to kill him. Besides, Hisham was hit with an iron chair and injured to his right hand. When he started screaming, the doorman and the people around him rescued him and took him to Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital.

Toma Mirza, on the other hand, mentioned in the case details that her husband Hisham Chishti used to beat her for dowry at different times since marriage. Besides, he used to hit her without any reason. He even used defamatory things by hiding his identity on Facebook. Hisham also threatened Toma’s parents and threatened to kill them. He even threatened of posting pictures of their personal moments on social media Facebook.

Toma Mirza got married to Hisham Chishti, a Canadian citizen of Bangladeshi descent, on 7 May 2019 in the presence of both family members. Their married life was going well in the beginning. They also had a honeymoon in Dubai. Besides, the actress has shared pictures of going to different places together. But suddenly the news of the conflict among them was surfaced.