Alexa Priya’s allegation is not correct: US Ambassador

Priya’s allegation is not correct: US Ambassador


Published: 23:11 19 July 2019   Updated: 10:01 20 July 2019

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US Ambassador to Bangladesh Robert Miller has said that the information presented about Bangladeshi women minorities to US President Donald Trump is not correct. He told reporters after visiting the Buddhist monastery at the capital's Merul Badda on Friday afternoon.

Ambassador Miller said that the statement given by Bangladeshi women to President Donald Trump is not correct. We visited different places of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi communalists have recently been praised.

On July 17, US President Donald Trump met with people from minority communities of 17 countries around the world, including China, Turkey, Korea, Myanmar. Priya Shaha participated were from Bangladesh. Each of them was telling Trump about the woes of their own country. The woman who went to the US given false information and said that the Bangladeshi Muslims had set fire to her house and burnt her house. So she has fled leaving home.

On Friday afternoon the US embassy to Dhaka clarified their position after the news became viral through social media. US ambassador Robert Miller visited the Buddhist temple in the capital on Wednesday. The Buddhist leaders welcomed the US ambassador. During this time, Miller visited the temple premises. Later, he met at a brief discussion meeting with Buddhist leaders.

After the speech of the woman, there is a storm in the social media of the country. Nativity people protested against the woman's speech. They have a hashtag on Trumps, mentions that the woman lied. But it is not known why the woman said such a thing. As a US media broadcast the whole program on Facebook and the video become viral.

In the ceremony organized by the Oval Office, the woman told trump, "I am from Bangladesh." There are about 37 million Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist and Christians who have been abducted. There are still 18 million minority people. Please help us. We do not want to leave our country. I lost my house, land was snatched away and my house set on fire, but there was no trial for them.

Donald Trump asked her who are doing this? The woman said that the extremist Muslims are always doing this work. They always do this in political favor.

After this, the matter became the talk of the country. It is known that the woman's name is Priya Saha. She is the organizer of the organization of Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council of Bangladesh.

It is also known that Priya Saha was the general secretary of Mahila Oikya Parishad central committee, she was a member of the student union at Dhaka University, she used to live at Rokeya Hall. Now she has an NGO. She was expelled from the post of General Secretary of the Women's Unity Council last year for misleading activities, she also collected many foreign funds by dramatizing the house. She is from Chirabani, Matibhanga, Nazirpur, Pirojpur.

Priya's husband Moulay Saha is worked as assistant deputy director of Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). Their two daughters have lived in America for a few years. Priya Saha went to America a few days ago.