Alexa Priya falsify to Trump about Bangladesh

Priya falsify to Trump about Bangladesh


Published: 23:59 19 July 2019   Updated: 12:54 20 July 2019

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Priya Saha falsified to US President Donald Trump about Bangladesh. She is the organizing secretary of the central committee of Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Oikya Parishad in Bangladesh. When a video of her meeting with Trump went viral, a sensational situation creat over the country.

International news media Reuters reports that several victims of religious persecution in different countries of the world meet with the US President On Wednesday, 27 people from different countries including New Zealand, Myanmar, Yemen, Cuba, China Turkey, North Korea, Eritrea, Vietnam, Sudan, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iran and Germany participated. Priya Saha was present in the meeting as a representative of Bangladesh.

The video shows Priya Saha lied to the US President about Bangladesh. She told trump, "I am from Bangladesh." There are about 37 million Hindu-Muslim-Buddhist and Christians who have been abducted. There are still 18 million minority people. Please help us. We do not want to leave our country. I lost my house, the land was snatched away and my house set on fire, but there was no trial for them.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal told the US President Donald Trump, about the oppression of religious minorities, that the minorities were not tortured in the country. Complaint to the US president of the Bangladeshi woman is a plot and motivated. As well as Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that the reasons for the complaint will be investigated.

In this regard, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam wrote on his verified Facebook page, "I have answered all human rights-related issues of NGOs from Bangladesh and other countries of the world in more than one time in the United Nations Human Rights Organization. People like respected Rana Das Gupta was also present. But we did not see anyone complain or question someone like Priya Saha complaining to President Trump.

'We strongly condemn her speech. why she did this will be examined. The government will listen to its complaints and look into it. While criticizing Priya Saha, many people criticize various communities. That's not right as well as Priya Saha's allegation.'

'Bangladesh is one of the brightest examples of religious harmony. Many people doing this for personal interest without understanding or not. Everyone should refrain from doing such work.'

As a president, Trump is informed by the respective ambassador. The US administration receives information from their embassy here and we are in constant contact. '

When the video goes viral many social media users commented regarding this, Priya Saha has made a rude lie. Which included the crime of sedition. On condition of anonymity, one said that the woman lied against US President Donald Trump. It is absolutely false to say that the security of the 27 million Hindu-Buddhists-Christians in the country who have been killed, disappeared or murdered, have occupied the place by burning the houses. She complained to Trump and committed sedition.

It is has been learned that Priya Saha was the general secretary of Mahila Oikya Parishad central committee, she was a member of the student union at Dhaka University, she used to live at Rokeya Hall. Now she has an NGO. She was expelled from the post of General Secretary of the Women's Unity Council last year for misleading activities, she also collected many foreign funds by dramatizing the house. She is from Chirabani, Matibhanga, Nazirpur, Pirojpur.

A few days ago, there was a clash between the people of Chitalmari and Charabani border areas of Bagerhat. In the clashes, people of both areas are harmed. Priya Saha herself used that photos and asserted as her won house.

Another source said, last week Priya Saha left for America in a weekend flight. Khushi Kabir, daughter of the infamous war criminal Akbar Kabir, the so-called human rights activist, see her off at the airport. Why she sees her off it needs to be examined.

Meanwhile, on condition of anonymity, a senior citizen said, Drag the links to three or four events this week, then it will be understood that these are part of a big conspiracy." For example, Bhatta Babu's statement, people's head will take place in the Padma bridge, distribution of Iskon Prasad in Chittagong and Priya Saha's statement. There may be any links with them. He said that evidence sought for Priya's statement to Trump.

Another citizen said with anger as Priya Saha involved with this anti-national conspiracy her husband should bring under law. We should not forget that they have already done a great deal of damage to the country.