Alexa People our utmost asset: PM in JS

People our utmost asset: PM in JS


Published: 22:37 11 July 2019   Updated: 22:38 11 July 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The parliament leader and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that not by hand to anyone, but not from begging; we will develop the country, with the resources of the country. Our people are our biggest asset.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said this in the concluding speech of the third session of the 11th Parliament on Thursday afternoon.

“I had to live with the pain of ‘15th August 1975’ losing my loved ones. Because; on that day, I lost my parents and relatives. For the economic development of the people of Bangladesh, for the release of poverty, and for the economic release of the people of the country; the father of the nation has brought freedom. Just three and a half years he got the time to build a war divested country. He started the road to economic progress but could not complete,” Sheikh Hasina said while speaking in the third session.

The Jatiya Sangsad leader said, the country’s real development started when the Awami League formed a government after passing through many ups and downs. Then another black chapter from 2001 to 2008 came to the life of the Bengali people. We have also overcame the situation, and passed the 2008 election and lead the government from 2009 to 2019. Bangladesh has begun its journey to the continent of a development today. Today's Bangladesh has been recognized as a role model for development in the world.

Highlighting the budget target of 2019-2020, the Prime Minister said, we have to achieve rapid growth. We've achieved growth of 8.7 percent. “We have taken our plans and we are moving forward aiming to increase the growth in 8.2 that, we have targeted in our given budget,” the premier added.

“The biggest thing, we can coverage 99 percent of our budget with own finance. Now we do not have to beg to others. The amount of overseas donations is only 0.88 percent. We implement our development budget,” sheikh Hasina further said.

The Prime Minister said, “This year we have been able to implement about 94 percent annual development program. Not by hand to anyone, but not from begging. Our people are our greatest asset. Our land is rich.”

The leader of the parliament said that the father of the nation has said that the soil of the country is so fertile and that my people are my assets. By this we have proved that we can improve the country.