PK Halder’s ‘girlfriend’ Abantika arrested

PK Halder’s ‘girlfriend’ Abantika arrested


Published: 13:21 13 January 2021   Updated: 15:58 13 January 2021

PK Halder’s ‘girlfriend’ Abantika Boral

PK Halder’s ‘girlfriend’ Abantika Boral

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested Prashant Kumar Halder’s (PK Halder) girlfriend Abantika Boral.

“She was arrested from Dhanmondi in the capital on Wednesday,” confirmed ACC Deputy Director Md. Salauddin.

“Abantika has been accused of cooperating with PK Halder to acquire known non-income assets and money laundering through various illegal businesses and illegal activities” — on such allegations, a notice signed by ACC Deputy Director Md. Salauddin was sent to Abantika Boral’s Dhanmondi flat in the capital for questioning. She was asked to appear before ACC at 10:00 am on December 28 last year.

Even after receiving the letter, she did not appear in time. She could not appear due to any personal reason or when she will be able to appear — she did not inform the ACC in written or over the phone.

The letter sent to Abantika said that if she failed to appear at the scheduled time on the specified day, she would be deemed to have no statement about the complaint. Later, the ACC will take legal action against her based on the evidence.

PK Haldar’s girlfriend Abantika Boral lived in flat 12/E of house no. 39, Saat Masjid Road, 10/A, Dhanmondi.

Earlier, Interpol had issued a red notice on January 8 against fugitive accused Prashant Kumar Halder. A red notice was issued to Interpol at the request of the National Central Bureau (NCB) of Bangladesh Police, i.e. the Dhaka branch of Interpol.