Over 2,000 Russian troops diagnosed with coronavirus

Over 2,000 Russian troops diagnosed with coronavirus

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Published: 13:24 28 April 2020   Updated: 13:34 28 April 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Almost all country's in the world have been affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, that first reported in China late last year. The deadly virus already claimed the lives of more than 211,000 people worldwide. Russia is not out of it. So far, more than 87,000 cases of coronavirus infections and 794 deaths have been reported in the country. Of the coronavirus patients, more than 2,000 are army personnel. 

According to the country's defense ministry, the Russian military reported 2,090 cases of the coronavirus among its personnel, cadets and civilian employees.

From March through April 26, as many as 874 servicemen have tested positive, the Defense Ministry said on Sunday, adding that most of them were either isolated at home or in military hospitals. 

Besides, 971 more cases were found among cadets in military academies and schools across the country, and 245 civilians employed by the defense ministry have tested positive. The majority of patients showed no symptoms, the statement added.

Over the past weeks, reports had emerged in Russia’s independent media outlets about coronavirus outbreaks in military academies, including troops who took part in the Moscow rehearsals for the May 9 Victory Day parade. 

The head of the prestigious Kirov Military Medical Academy in Moscow was fired last week for failing to implement adequate coronavirus measures. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, a total of 87,147 people have been diagnosed with the virus in Russia, as the death toll rises to 794 while 7,346 patients have recovered, according to worldometer data.