Only 24min to take for Airport-Kamalpur

Country’s first subway

Only 24min to take for Airport-Kamalpur


Published: 16:29 17 June 2021   Updated: 16:29 17 June 2021

Underground metro rail; Representational Photo

Underground metro rail; Representational Photo

A subway, from Airport Road in the capital to Kamalapur railway station, is going to be built for the first time in the country. Once the work on the subway is completed, it will take only 24.30 minutes to reach Kamalapur from the Airport.

According to sources, the country’s first subway project is called Mass Rapid Transit Line-1 or MRT Line-1. There will be 12 stations on the 19.87 km railway line. Part of it (11.36 km) will go from the Notun Bazar to Purbachal and it will be above ground with seven stations. It will take 20.35 minutes to go to Purbachal from the Notun Bazar by Metrorail. Besides, it will take 40 minutes to go to Purbachal from Kamalapur.

Passengers of the Airport-Kamalapur route will board on the train within 2.30 minutes in a row and Notun Bazar-Purbachal within 4.35 minutes in a row. The trains of the Airport-Kamalapur route will run at 90 kmph and the Notun Bazar-Purbachal route will run at 100 kmph.

Each train will have eight coaches and 3,008 passengers can board the train simultaneously. The project worth Tk 52,561 crore is expected to be completed by December 2026.

M.A.N Siddique, managing director of Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL), said the depot will be built first. After that, the work on the subway, stations and ancillary infrastructure will begin in phases. Subway passenger transport will start in 2026.

He said the construction of the first subway in Dhaka will be done through the MRT-1 project through 12 packages. In the first package, tenders have been called for the development of depot land and the construction of ancillary infrastructure. The tender process will be completed by next September. “We hope it will be possible to start the work of depot at Pitalganj in Rupganj within 6 months.”

He added there are two parts to this line. The first part will be completely underground. The length of the underground part from Dhaka Airport Railway Station to Kamalapur Railway Station is 19.87 km. On the other hand, a flyover will be constructed from Kamalapur to Purbachal with a length of 11.36 km. 

Informing the purchase of 25 trains for the Dhaka subway, M.A.N Siddique said each train will have eight coaches. Each train can carry 3,088 passengers at a time and it will be possible to transport 8 lakh passengers every day through the whole line. The construction cost of the subway is Tk 52,561 crore.