Alexa Onion price drops

Onion price drops


Published: 15:33 4 October 2019  

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Onion price has decreased Tk 15-20 per kg in different markets in the capital; but this week the prices of all kinds of vegetables have increased. Vegetable prices have risen to Tk 10-20 in the market. However, the onion market has started to ease. Meanwhile, traders say the price of vegetables will remain so until the winter vegetables arrive in the market.

On Friday, onion price was found down by Tk15 to 20 in the capital’s different markets. At the same time, tomatoes are being sold at Tk 110-130 per kg, and carrot is being sold at Tk 80-100 kg  while it was 80-100 and 60-80 respectively in the last week.

Similarly, up surging Tk 10-15 per kg, pointed gourd are being sold at Tk 40-50. Jhinga at Tk 45-50, Korolla at Tk 70-80, Kakrol at Tk 50-60, cucumber at Tk40-60, Papaya at Tk 30-40 per kg.

On the other hand, the price of Bean drops at tk 20 per kg, whilt it is being sold at Tk 100-120. Which was sold at Tk 150 per kg last week.

Apart from this, green cabbage is being sold at Tk. 35-40, cauliflower at Tk 40-60. All kinds of vegetables are being sold at excessive prices.

However, there are various mixed reaction among the buyers and sellers regarding the price hike. Sellers say there is a crisis of vegetables in the market due to floods. Because of this, the vegetable market is uprising. And buyers say sellers are pushing higher prices in the hope of gaining huge profits even if the effects of the floods are not in the market.

Lokman, a vegetable seller in the capital, said that now there are floods in different parts of the country due to floods. The prices of some vegetables in the market have increased due to the lack of availability.

On the other hand, a buyer said, there is no shortage of vegetables in the market, the market is full of vegetables in advance of winter. There is no flood in the country but it has no effect on the market. Still, sellers are charging more in the hope of making more profit.

Noor Alam, a buyer in Shewarapara market, said that onion prices have been increased by syndicates. India has stopped exporting onions without seeing whether the onion is in the warehouse and they have heard that they have increased the price of onion. There is no justifiable reason for such an onion price hike.

He noted that the market monitoring authority has considerable weaknesses. This is why traders are pushing people to increase their prices. And people are suffering. That's why syndicate traders should be judged.

Trader Salam Mia said onion prices have dropped in the market. As the onions are coming from Myanmar and other countries, more prices will fall very soon.