Alexa Now PUBG bans in Bangladesh

Now PUBG bans in Bangladesh

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Published: 17:52 18 October 2019   Updated: 21:00 18 October 2019



The popular online game ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ (PUBG) have been banned in Bangladesh. The game was banned from its negative impact on society and fears that it would make students-teenagers violent, said DMP’s Cyber Security and Crime Department 

In the first week of October, many gamers posted on Facebook that they were having trouble playing the game in Bangladesh and can’t access the game using Bangladeshi servers. 

“We have decided to ban the game officially only because of the PUBG’s negative psychosocial technological impact on the basis of public opinion,” said Md Nazmul Islam, additional deputy commissioner of Cyber Security and Crime Department of DMP. “There is no different purposes of the government.” 

Different entities of the society will decide how logical the decision has been. The reasoning may create some academic debate, but dissent is always welcome, he also said. 

Originally, talks on the ban of PUBG in Bangladesh began in April this year. Many people blamed the game with the murder of Muslims at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, and that scene on Facebook Live. 

Nepal’s court banned the PUBG on April 13 this year. For the same reason, the game was banned in Gujarat, India. Even a few were arrested for playing the game. In addition, the game was declared forbidden in a region of Indonesia. 

This game is played by multiple people online. In the game, you have to survive by killing others on a deserted island. In the end, the person or group that survives is the winner. 

For the past few months, there have been talks of banning PUBG on suspicion that young people in Bangladesh are being negatively addicted to playing this game. Along with PUBG, Call of Duty, Reddit, PUBG Light Game were also banned.