Alexa Nisho-Mehazabien’s new drama ‘Tumi Amari’

Nisho-Mehazabien’s new drama ‘Tumi Amari’


Published: 21:13 8 November 2019  

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Mizanur Rahman Aryan, a noted playwright, has made a drama named ‘Tumi Amari’ starring with Arfan Nisho and Mehazabien Chowdhury. On Thursday evening, the play is released on the Live Tech YouTube channel.

“After releasing ‘Tumi Amari’ a lot of responses from audience has received. In various groups of online, inbox of Facebook I am getting very much appreciated. I am getting the same feedback and feel when my most delighted work Batch-27, Boro Chele, Buker Ba Pashe, Kothopokothonas got feedback”, Aryan said about the drama.

He said, “On Thursday evening Bangladesh-India cricket match started. It is very great that four and a half lakhs people watch the drama in just one day. It was very difficult to do the work because it was raining day at the time of the shooting. I make drama from the choice of audience. They choose my drama and it is big attainment for me”.

Apart from Nisho-Mehazabienin the drama, Shahidul Islam Sachchu, Masum Bashar, Milli Bashar, Sabiha Zaman, Azam Khan, Limon, and many others are present in the drama. In this drama a title song ‘KenoKe Jane’ is contained lyric by Shomeshwar Oli, voice, tune-music by Tahsin Ahmed and Sajid Sarkar.