Next SSC-HSC exams likely to be delayed

Next SSC-HSC exams likely to be delayed


Published: 11:27 14 September 2020   Updated: 11:43 14 September 2020

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Five months have passed since the scheduled time due to the epidemic, but this year’s HSC exam has not been held yet. In this situation, next year's SSC and HSC exams are also likely to be delayed.

Meanwhile, the global Corona situation is somewhat normal, but the fear has not yet subsided. The situation in the country is exactly the same. In this situation, there is a general holiday in the educational institution until October 3. If the situation is not favorable, this holiday may extend further.

Dhaka Education Board Chairman and Inter-Education Board Coordinating Committee President Prof. Md. Ziaul Haque said SSC exams are usually held in February and HSC exams in April every year. It has not been decided yet whether the examination will be held on time as the institutional teaching is closed during the coronation period. However, the decision will be announced after the opening of the institutions.

Normally, the Pre-Test for 10th class students is held in July, and Test held in October. The Pre-Test or half-yearly examinations of Class XII students are held in July-August and Test in December. This is followed by filling up of forms for SSC candidates in November and for HSC candidates in December-January.

Meanwhile, the Pre-Test examination of SSC and HSC candidates has already been canceled. Next year's HSC candidates did not even have the annual class XI examination. These students have been given 'Auto Pass' based on the results of various class tests and half-yearly examinations taken at the college level in Class XI.

However, the parents have given their opinion in favor of taking SSC and HSC exams even though it is late. Ziaul Kabir Dulu, chairman of the Guardian Unity Forum, said students at the SSC and HSC levels should take the exam after completing the course. Otherwise, if there is a deficit in learning and acquiring knowledge, it can become a cause of loss in the next life.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education in determining the strategy to end the academic year by December by determining the shortage of education in Corona. After opening the educational institution, the ministry has prepared to complete the short syllabus and promote it to the next class through class evaluation.

Dhaka Board of Education Secretary Professor Tapan Kumar Sarkar said there is no opportunity to reduce the syllabus of SSC and HSC for logical reasons. In this case, the test will be taken by finishing the whole textbook. After the opening of the educational institution, the decision will be taken after the study of the students and the evaluation of the rest.