Alexa New record in remittance, FM’s appreciation for expatriates

New record in remittance, FM’s appreciation for expatriates


Published: 11:42 17 January 2020   Updated: 12:55 17 January 2020

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The expatriates have sent a record amount of 95 crores and 70 lakhs dollars as remittance within the first 15 days of this month. Never before has this amount of remittance come in such a period of time, Bangladesh Bank sources said.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal thanked the expatriates for sending the record amount of remittances.

He said, “the matter of increasing remittance is now known to everyone and all are appreciating it. Gradually, our people are also changing. They are sending remittances legally, avoiding hundi or other ways. The government is not asking any question when sending remittances in this way. This will be considered as tax-free investment.”

He also said, “I am very grateful to the people through whose hand our remittance 
being dynamic day by day.

Remittance has been increasing since the beginning of the current financial year. In the first six months (July-December) of the fiscal year, expatriates have sent remittances of USD 940 crores and 12 lakhs which is 25.43%  more than the previous fiscal year.

So far, Bangladesh has received a maximum of USD 174 crores and 82 lakhs remittance in one month, in May of the last year. Experts think that remittance flows are rising due to 2% incentives against remittances and rising oil prices in the world market.