Alexa New heroine with Shakib

New heroine with Shakib


Published: 14:09 25 August 2019  

Photo: Shakib Khan and Ariana Zaman

Photo: Shakib Khan and Ariana Zaman

Many have achieved the name of the heroine by the hands of the superstar Shakib Khan. Miss World Bangladesh celebrity Jahara Mitu was the last in the list. This time, Shakib is going to work paired with another new heroine named Ariana Zaman. She can be seen in the film Beer.

On Saturday night, the contract with the newcomer has been officially completed. The Film Beer will be the 50th movie directed by Actor-director Kazi Hayat. The shooting of the film will be started with the capture of Shakib Khan's childhood section, Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) sources informed.