Alexa New dengue increases death risk among patients

New dengue increases death risk among patients

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Published: 13:28 6 July 2019  

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The new type of dengue has been found in the country since last year. However, the incidence of the disease is low in the first year, but in the current year, the prevalence of serotype-3 (shock syndrome) dengue fever is higher, according to doctors.  

Recently, this type of dengue is attacked in the capital and a few people have died.

Dr AKM Shamsuzzaman, former Director of Health Department’s Department of Disease Control, acknowledged this information regarding dengue. 

He said that there was a prevalence of dengue serotype-1 and serotype-2 in Bangladesh. The first is general classical dengue. The second is a risky hemorrhagic (bleeding) dengue. However, the prevalence of serotype- 3 (shock syndrome) dengue is higher.

“Apart from this, the classical dengue patient suffered from dengue for the second time, hemorrhagic dengue occurs,” he informed adding, “Such a patient is bleeding inside or outside of the body”

Since last year, the new type of dengue (serotype-3) has emerged. In this case, patients with internal bleeding also have shock syndrome. If it is not known at the beginning, the risk of death of patients is increased, he said. 

The types of symptoms that occur in new types of dengue- difficulty in breathing, increased breathing speed, skin drying, constant discomfort, red dye is formed on the upper part of skin due to bleeding in the skin. Besides, bleeding with vomiting, feces and urine, severe stomach and constant vomiting, bleeding, and fatigue from the nose and toothache, etc.

Professor Dr AKM Shamsuzzaman advised if there is any such symptoms of a dengue-affected patient, then the patient advised to take the hospital.

According to the Health Department’s Health Emergency Operation Center and Control Room Records, this year- 38 people in January, 18 in February, 17 in March, 58 in April, 193 in May, 1,699 in June, 254 in last three days- in total 2,277 people are admitted to the hospital due to dengue. Three of them have died.