Alexa Naglingam: New lighthouse in perfume industry

Naglingam: New lighthouse in perfume industry


Published: 20:45 31 May 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Naglingam is a rare tree, its pollen is similar to a serpent to look. Like any other tree, this tree’s flowering doesn’t blossom in the branches of tree, at the base of the tree instead. Using herbaceous flowers of the tree, many country is producing perfumes.

Professor AFM Jamal Uddin of department of horticulture department of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU) is working to preserve this rare tree and its expanses.

Bright pink flowers with six petals, it seems that someone has pinned those flowers at the bottom of the tree. The giant tree’s stem is very long and locking gray while leaf is big in size having pointy tip. Fruit size is also one of the attractions of this tree along with beautiful flowers. Besides the aesthetic beauty of Naglingam flowers, there is an addiction in its sweet smell. Including SAU, there are only 30-35 Naglingam trees in the country.

Professor A FM Jamal Uddin said “The original residence of Naglingam is in Central and South America. But there is no clear history of how this tree is spread in our country. However, in our country some 70-80 years ago these trees were planted. As a result, the height and age of all the trees is almost the same. The tree’s situation in Bangladesh is now very critical. Already in the initiative of the Department of Horticulture, and with the help of the Green Bangladesh Society, we distributed 200 seedlings of trees in the public. But everyone will have to come forward in its expansion.”

According to the professor, though the economic importance of this tree with beautification and healthcare is a little lower, it may be the new lighthouse of the perfume industry of Bangladesh, it seems

Professor Dr. Jamal Uddin said, the sweet smell of the flowers of Naglingam, creates extreme addiction (appeal). Along with this, the stability of this flower’s smell of is very high. In developed countries such as Brazil, Italy, Naglingam flowers are used in making perfume. It is also used in prickly heat powder making while its extract is used as antibiotic, antifungal and antiseptic. Besides, juice produced from the leaves is very effective in removing skin problems. After 7-8 years of planting, it starts flowering which is usable as the raw material of perfume industry. So if the government and private sector take initiatives to expand this tree now, it may be the new lighthouse of the perfume industry in the near future.