Alexa Mistakes while taking bath

Mistakes while taking bath

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Published: 16:23 10 August 2019  

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A few things should be kept in mind while taking a bath. You can think, I'm taking a bath properly but it is not in a proper way all the time. Mistakes happened unintentionally, let’s know how it’s happened-

Bathing in hot water for long time: Bathing in hot water is very comfortable to relieve fatigue throughout the day. However, it's harmful to the skin. The skin and hair lose natural oils and moisture due to bath in hot water for a long time. 

Rubbing the skin on the head: If the skin on the head is rubbed with fingers, it causes extreme dryness. It can also cause various damage to the hair follicles.

Not cleaning Luffa: The old or unclean luffa is a sanctuary for bacteria. Before taking a bath every day, the luffa should be cleaned. And of course every three months Luffa should be changed.

Not using the right soap: It is not advisable to use soap that dries the skin. The use of excess soap can bring change in skin color and cause dryness.

Delaying the use of moisturizers: It is not advisable to use a moisturizer too late after a bath. Use a moisturizer while the body is lightly wet.

Cleaning properly: Soap and shampoo should be thoroughly cleaned after taking bath. If they are not clear properly, skin irritation, hair follicle closure, and even acne problems can occur.