Alexa Minni satisfied over death of Nayon Bond

Minni satisfied over death of Nayon Bond

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Published: 13:32 2 July 2019   Updated: 14:58 2 July 2019



Rifat’s wife Ayesha Siddika Minni expressed satisfaction and grateful to Allah over the death of Sabbir Ahmed alias Nayon Bond, 25, the prime accused of Rifat Sharif murder case, in a gunfight with police on early Tuesday.

“I was waiting for such news,” said Minni adding, “The news of the death of Nayon Bond gives me a feeling of relief.”

“In the morning, father said that Nayon Bond was killed in a gunfight with police. Immediately after hearing the news, I expressed my gratitude to Almighty Allah. Because we don’t need to run to the court for justice. I convey thanks to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who responded our call quickly in time,” she also said.

“Nayon Bond and others murdered my husband in front of me in broad daylight. Nayon Bond was killed in a gunfight- I am very happy over the news. Besides, I want punishment for others, who were involved in the incident. I pray that they will get severe punishment,” Minni added.