Alexa Mim finalizes divorce with Siddik

Mim finalizes divorce with Siddik


Published: 17:38 21 October 2019  

Maria Mim and Siddik

Maria Mim and Siddik

Siddik and Mim finally got separated. Mim herself confirmed the matter on Monday afternoon. Divorce paper is expected to reach Siddik within one to two days.  

The distance between Siddik-Mim has increased for several months. Mim was forced to be separated from her husband for three months. She complained that Siddik had influenced the director of the ad, Rana Masud, to take on someone else, even though “she was supposed to work in an advertisement a few days ago”.

Siddik himself is a showbiz man. He is doing acting, modeling. I have no problem with it. As a husband, I do not get any help from him. That is why I decided on divorce, said Mim. 

“At present, only son Arsh Hossain is staying with his father Siddik. But he does not allow Arsh to contact me. I will take legal steps to get my child,” Siddik’s wife Mim added. 

Siddik was married to Maria Mim, a Spanish-born citizen of Bangladesh on May 24, 2012. They have a son who was born on June 25, 2013.