Alexa Mehazabien gets silver button from YouTube 

Mehazabien gets silver button from YouTube 


Published: 18:01 8 July 2019   Updated: 18:01 8 July 2019

Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhury

Mehazabien Chowdhury, the popular actress of recent times, has received a new recognition. The actress’s YouTube channel has already more than 100,000 subscribers. For this, she received the silver button from YouTube as a reward for her recognition. 

In this regard, Mehazabien said, “last year, we made a video to make fun. I got a very good response to that. Since then the channel is running.” 

About her channel subscribers, the star said, “I got the silver button quite a lot later.” 

“Because 100,000 subscribers have been fulfilled a long ago.  Now my family has grown bigger. I would say- I got the award because of them,” she also said. 

“I’m not a YouTuber. I started without understanding. It was possible only because of the love of the subscribers,” Mehazabien added. 

Mehazabien has released regular videos from the channel ‘Mehazabien Chowdhury’ since February 2018. Right now, she has kept 12 videos open to everyone. She made the video in the Green Room when she is shooting for drama. Where Mehazabien’s co-workers also present. 

Meanwhile, Mehazabien has won the best actress award for the year 2018 in ‘Babisas Award’ for her performance in ‘Sonali Danar Chill’.

Regarding this, she said, “Special gratitude to director Ashfaq Nipun. With his extraordinary talent- the drama has won the hearts of all and I got this achievement! And lots of love for the rest of the member of the drama, my family and all well wishers! thanks to everyone. Hope everyone will always be on my side like this way.”