‘Masjid-e-Nawazish’, most beautiful mosque in Sirajganj 

‘Masjid-e-Nawazish’, most beautiful mosque in Sirajganj 

Parven Akhter, Sirajganj daily-bangladesh.com

Published: 10:24 3 June 2020  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

‘Masjid-e-Nawazish’, the most beautiful mosque in Sirajganj is becoming a place of interest to have a view day by day due to its visually pleasing construction style. 

Thousands of visitors are coming every day from different parts of the country including Sirajganj to see the mosque built at a cost of tk crore.

The mosque in Sadar Upazila Kalia Haripur was built by industrialist Zulfiqar Haider Liton with his own funds. In front of the mosque there is a pond of the old Zamindar's house, a beautiful pond ghat, a flower garden around the pond that brings pleasure to everyone’s eyes. 

‘Masjid-e-Nawazish’ is located six kilometers south of Sirajganj city and five kilometers north of Koddar junction.

A visitor from Sirajganj city said, “We did not know that such a beautiful mosque is located in our district. It's really grateful. I think this is the most beautiful mosque in Sirajganj.” 

Another visitor said that I came to see this mosque with my family on the day of Eid. I have performed Jumma prayers here. Now I am back here also to see such beautiful mosque. 

Rezaul Karim Liton, general secretary of the mosque committee, said. The ‘Masjid-e-Nawazish’ was built by his son, industrialist Zulfiqar Haider Liton, with funding from Dr. Nowshera Ali Memorial Trust. The pedestrians, village worshipers as well as visitors perform prayers in this mosque.