Luxurious ‘red commode’ in driver Malek’s toilet

Luxurious ‘red commode’ in driver Malek’s toilet


Published: 19:11 22 September 2020   Updated: 19:12 22 September 2020

Luxurious ‘red commode’ in driver Malek’s toilet

Luxurious ‘red commode’ in driver Malek’s toilet

People were shocked after seeing the residence door of Abdul Malek alias Driver Malek, a driver of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS)! Now the picture of luxurious ‘red high commode’ in his toilet has been discussed! Not only commodes but also touches of elegance everywhere including toilet water taps, toilet showers, vessels, floors and walls. 

This was seen on the spot on Monday while visiting Malek’s luxurious Haji Complex adjacent to Bamnertech Ramjan Market in Turag, Tongi.

Meanwhile, pictures of driver Malek’s high-commode have spread on social media, raising the questions about its price. 

When asked about the aristocracy of the toilets, Malek’s youngest daughter Mimi told Daily Bangladesh reporter that her father had arranged them to his liking. All these have been bought from different shops in Uttara.

Malek’s daughter Mimi claims that it is a “common commode”! According to her, driver Malek becomes older. So he can’t sit on low-commode. 

When asked how much money has been spent for each toilet, she avoided the matter, saying, “I don’t know anything about these, only my father knows.”

However, it has been learned after talking with two companies selling toilet items in the capital – the price of this commode could be Tk 60,000 to Tk 80,000. However, the handles on both sides of the commode have been installed separately.

According to the locals, everyone in the area knew Haji Abdul Malek as ‘Badal Vai’. He has been living here for a long time. He has three daughters and one son.

Meanwhile, a court on Monday granted a 14-day remand to DGHS’s driver Abdul Malek in two cases for recovering illegal weapons and counterfeit money.

Earlier on Sunday morning, RAB arrested Abdul Malek from his residence in the capital’s Kamarpara on charges of being involved in various terrorist activities including illegal arms, counterfeit note business and extortion.