Lockdown’s 4th day underway with arrests, fines

Lockdown’s 4th day underway with arrests, fines

Staff Correspondentdaily-bangladesh.com

Published: 12:11 26 July 2021   Updated: 16:13 26 July 2021

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Monday (July 26) marks the 4th day of the countrywide second phase of strict lockdown to curb the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Compared to the last three days, the number of rickshaws and private cars on the streets in the capital has increased a bit today.

However, the search at the police checkpost on the road was the same as before. Police are trying to control unnecessary traffic by setting up checkposts at important places on various roads. Whenever anyone is out on the road, they have to face police interrogation. No discount is being given even if someone goes out unnecessarily. Arrests and fines are also being imposed for violating government restrictions.

Such images were seen in different parts of the city including Karwan Bazar and Shahbagh area of the capital on Monday morning.

In the morning, it was seen that the people who came out of the house were showing urgent needs and various excuses to the members of the law-and-order forces. As some service organizations are open, the employees of those have also been seen going to the office.

According to the police, if anyone goes out of the house “without urgent need” at this time, they will be taken “under punishment”. People are being instructed to be careful during the restrictions, to wear masks and to follow the hygiene rules.

Besides the police, members of the BGB and the army were also seen on the ground to enforce the ban.

On July 13, the Cabinet Division imposed restrictions. The order relaxed the restrictions from midnight on July 14 to 6 am on July 23 for the Eid-ul-Azha occasion. Amid this announcement, new strict restrictions were imposed from 6 am on July 23 which will remain in force till 12 am on August 5.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested 587 people yesterday (Sunday, July 26) on the 3rd day of the government-announced 14-day strict ban.

Iftekharul Islam, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) of the Media and Public Relations Department of the DMP, told the media on Sunday evening. “Police have arrested 587 people in raids in different police station areas in the capital for roaming without any urgent need,” he said.

Besides, 233 people were fined Tk 1,00,950 by the mobile court. On the other hand, DMP Traffic Department has imposed a fine of Tk 12,00,072 on 521 vehicles.

The 14-day strict restrictions, which started at 6 am on Friday, July 23, will continue till 12 am on August 5, leaving all kinds of shops, public transport and industries closed, including the control of human movement.