Alexa Litchi village of crore taka

Litchi village of crore taka


Published: 13:52 14 May 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

At least 20 villages including Hajrapur, Ichakhada, Khalimpur, Mithapur of Magura Sadar Upazila known as ’Litchi Village’ is now full of litchi season. The tree is decorated with red-colored litchi. 

The farmers informed that about Tk 15-20 crores of litchi from 1500 gardens will be trading in this season.  

According to the District Agriculture Extension Office, this year, litchi has been cultivated in 580 hectares of land. Of them, 480 hectares in Sadar, 40 hectares in Shalikha, 35 hectares in Sreepur and 25 hectares in Mohammedpur.

Farmers from 20 villages, including Ichakhada, Mithapur, Ganguliya, Khalimpur, Mirzapur, Pakakanchanpur, Birpur, Rawtora, Bamanpur, Alamkhali, Baril, Laxmipur, Alaipur, and Narihati of Hazrapur, Hajipur and Raghabdair UP of Sadar Upazila have been cultivating this litchi commercially for two decades.

The dealers of different areas started the work of collecting litchis from the farmers long ago.

Kazi Saiful Islam, one of the litchi farmers of Ichakhada said, “Once the farmers of this area were used to cultivate the traditional crops including paddy and jute. But that didn’t meet them the cost of production. For this reason, they started cultivating litchi as well as papaya and guava. Later, farmers of the whole area started litchi cultivation as it was beneficial.” 

He said that farmers of 20 villages of three UP, presently Hazarpur, Hajipur, and Raghabdair, are cultivating litchi only. There are numerous litchi cultivators, who are now the owners of lakhs of money from zero.

He also said that he cultivated litchi in 15 to 16 bighas of land. “I did the training on litchi care from District Agricultural Office. This year, the total cost of fertilizers and other expenses was Tk 2 lakh.” 

“Everyday 15 workers, including women workers, work in the garden. Their wages are being spent at Tk 300 to 600. Currently, litchis from my litchi garden are going to Shibchar, Panchbibi of Barisal, capital’s Jatrabari,” he also said. 

At first, it is needed to spend a little much for litchi garden. Later, it does not cost that much. When the flowers come in a litchi tree every year, it is needed to take care of spray and little care. 

The soil of these areas is suitable for litchi cultivation. Here are the crops-  Bombay, China Three, Mozaffar and local Hazarpuri variety litchis are cultivated. 

At the beginning of the season, buyers and shopkeepers from different parts of the country bought litchis from the garden and sold it to different parts of the country including Dhaka. Every day, 8 to 10 trucks run from litchi area.

Litchi farmer of Alaipur village Siddiq Hossain said, “There are 650 trees in my litchi garden. Last year, which was sold at Tk 15 lakh. Now hope for more prices.”

Chaad Ali, a litchi dealer came from Rajbari said, “There is a countrywide demand of the litchis of Hajipur, Hajrapur. Already this year, I bought two gardens with Tk two lakh. Trying to do more than one garden. The wholesale price of 1000 litchis is Tk 1200 to 1500. Which is being sold at Tk 1700 to 2000. 

“Due to the favorable weather, the yield of litchi is good. For the good yield of litchi, we have trained and counseled more than 100 litchi farmers at Rajshahi Fertilizer Research Institute and instructed them. Field-level project officials are working regularly so that every yield is good,” said District Agriculture Officer Zahidul Amin.