Alexa Jaya will return home only after contract!

Jaya will return home only after contract!


Published: 14:07 27 October 2019   Updated: 15:56 8 November 2019

Jaya Ahsan

Jaya Ahsan

The popular movie 'Kontho' starred by actress Jaya Ahsan was released in Calcutta last May. The film was not only appreciated in the audience but also quite successful commercially. It is produced by India's Windows Production House. 'Kantha' directed by Shiva Prasad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy pair is now being released in Bangladesh.

Jaya Ahsan herself confirmed this on social media, Facebook page. He said that the movie would be released in Bangladesh as per the agreement of SAFTA. However, before the Bangladesh Censor Board clearance, the actress didn’t want to say any more about it.

The story of the story 'Kantha' is based on the Bibhuti Chakraborty, who is suffering from throat cancer. Shiv Prasad himself played the role of Arjun. Paoli Dam plays as his wife. Jaya Ahsan will be seen in the lead role of Speech Therapist in the film.

Arjun can be seen as a radio jockey in the story of this film; whose voice is the profession. He lives by speaking. Voice is the only way to communicate with the audience. But one day, Arjun was diagnosed with throat cancer. This is why the doctor suggested cutting his voice box assuring that the voice may not be lost completely. But, after the surgery, the tone and sound that comes out of the voice is not natural. Jaya did the job of teaching the language of those who have lost voice due to cancer.