Alexa Jatiya Party’s council on Dec 21

Jatiya Party’s council on Dec 21


Published: 23:16 11 September 2019  

Photo: DailyBangladesh

Photo: DailyBangladesh

The central council of the Jatiya Party (JaPa) will be held on December 21. Jatiya Party Chairman G M Qader confirmed that in a meeting of the National Association of Students of JaP at the Engineers' Institution Auditorium in capital’s Ramana on Wednesday.

Therefore, a full committee of the National Student Society should be given within October.

At the time, Quader said that Hussein Muhammad Ershad stopped student politics as he didn’t want to use the students to build lethal forces. He advised the students not to do politics for the sake of the individual. Politics should be for serving the public of the country. It takes money to do politics, but for money, politics cannot be transformed into a business. Student politics will be for education, peace, and progress.

Jatiya Party Secretary-General Mashiur Rahman Ranga said, “You were at a dilemma because of some problems. That crisis has ended up. Those who conspired were unsuccessful. Jatiya Party is now free.”

Regarding the senior leaders, Ranga said that the Presidium members of the party will not get the opportunities to sit in Dhaka and make funs. They have to go to their areas and organize the party. The leaders whose children are supporting other parties, they will not be nominated in any future elections. If I were the Secretary-General they would not get the nomination. I'm here to fix the party. If I am unable to do, I will leave.

The meeting has presided over the Convener of the Student Society Jamal Uddin while the party's secretary-general Mashiur Rahman Ranga, former and current leaders of the National Student Society were present and spoke on it.