JNU`s contributions behind enriching DU 

JNU`s contributions behind enriching DU 

Ahsan Jobairdaily-bangladesh.com

Published: 17:31 20 October 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Since the year of 1858, when the first Dhaka Brahma School was founded,  an educational institution has gone through several changes in its name and status- forming as school, transforming into college and finally recognized as  a university in 2005, the Jagannath University (JNU) has lifted many historical events with sacrifices.

Today the old Dhaka's JNU is observing its 15th founding anniversary.  

Currently,  the university hosts 28 departments under 4 faculties with a student body of  27,000. 

When the University of Dhaka (DU) recognised in the past as "The Oxford of the East" was established  in 1921, the graduation activities of Jagannath College were stopped along with the degree students, teachers, library books, journals were transferred to DU. Nevertheless, around 50 per cent books of Jagannath College Library were shifted to decorate the Dhaka University library.  

Jagannath College introduced IA ISCBA (Pass) class in addition to English, Philosophy and Culture Honors and Masters in English, but all those activities were come into discontinuation just after the establishment of DU in 1921.  

Not only that, the 161-year-old educational institution was demoted to Intermediate College. With the purpose of removing barriers to women education in old Dhaka the co-education was introduced in 1942 but it shut down in 1948, however, later in 1949, the bachelor courses started again in this college. 

In 1952, Language Martyr Rafique Uddin Ahmed (Shahid Rafique), a student of the Accounting Department of this university, sacrificed his life in the language movement. In 1973, Professor Md Saidur Rahman re-introduced co-education. The college came under governmentalization in 1986, but gained private status again the following year.  

The college has made commendable contributions in various movements including language movement, education movement, six-point and eleven-point movement and liberation war of 1971. 

During the war of liberation there was a camp of the invading Pakistani forces in the college as multiple mass graves were discovered off campus after independence. JNU campus has a memorial sculpture of the liberation war named 'Genocide of '71 and preparation for the War of Liberation'. 

The college was transformed into Jagannath University under the 'Jagannath University Act' passed by the National Assembly in 2005 while "October 20" is celebrated as Jagannath University Day.