Alexa Important aspects of Nusrat murder case

Important aspects of Nusrat murder case


Published: 13:38 24 October 2019   Updated: 18:50 24 October 2019

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A tribunal in Feni on Thursday sentenced 16 people including principal Md Sirajuddoula to death in the case lodged over the murder of Sonagazi madrasa student Nusrat Jahan Rafi. Judge Md Mamunur Rashed of Feni Women and Child Repression Prevention Tribunal pronounced the verdict around 11:30 am.

Nusrat had accused Sirajuddoula of harassing her sexually on March 27 while she was exposed to his extreme vengeance on April 6 when she went to the madrasa to appear in Alim examination. Nusrat’s mother Shirin Akhter filed a case with Sonagazi Police Station on that day. Police arrested the principal. Later, Nusrat’s family was threatened to withdraw the case.

Later on April 6, 2019. Nusrat set on fire on April 6, 2019, by stooges of madrasa principal Md Sirajuddoula as she refused to withdraw a case filed against the teacher for sexual harassment. Nusrat succumbed to her injuries at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on April 10.

Nusrat’s brother Mahmudul Hasan Noman on April 8, had filed the case against eight. Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) on June 29 filed a chargesheet against 16. The court examined 87 witnesses on different occasions from June 27 to September 30. Later on May 29, the PBI filed an 808-page chargesheet against the accused.

Feni’s then superintendent of police Jahangir Alam Sarkar was withdrawn on May 13 for alleged negligence of the police in the case. On May 8, two SIs of the police, including OC Moazzem of Sonagazi Police Station, were suspended after releasing the video of Nusrat. He was later sued under the Digital Security Act. On June 16, he was arrested from the capital’s Shahbag area.

Later, six charges were filed against OC Moazzem Hossain. These are — 1. Time-lapse of the case, 2. Cold play to take the case, 3. Excluding the names of the important accused, 4. OC’s harassment to Nusrat in the name of statement, 5. Non-legal interrogation, 6. An unidentified case first, followed by the names of the 8.

Acceptance the chargesheet, charges framing and trial

In the PBI investigation, it was revealed that there were five people involved in the killing mission. Sirajuddoula, the principal of the madrasa, ordered the  Nusrat murder from the jail. The rest of the accused were guarding the gate and the stairs.

The five who participated in the Killing Mission -

1. Shahadat Hossain Shamim
2. Jabed Hossain
3. Mohammad Jobayer
4. Umme Sultana Popy
5. Kamrun Nahar Moni. 

Judge Mamunur Rashid of the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal accepted the chargesheet on June 10 this year. Then the charge was formed on June 20. The testimony began on June 27, with a total of 87 people among the 90 witnesses. 

The argument began on September 11 after a long 47-day testimony and interrogation till September 30. On that day, the court fixed October 24 for the verdict. 

List of accused and other information including remand —

1. Principal SM Sirajuddoula, 7-day remand and gave a statement under 164. 

2. Lecturer Afsar Uddin, 5-day remand. 

3. Mohammad Jobayer, 5-day remand and gave a confessional statement under 164 in the court. 

4. Councillor Maksud Alam, 5-day remand. 

5. Jabed Hossain, 7-day remand and 3-day remand for 2nd time, and statement under 164. 

6. Nur Uddin, statement under 164.

7. Shahadat Hossain Shamim, 3-day remand on April 25 and statement under 164. 

8. Hafez Abdul Kader- statement under 164. 

9. Ariful Islam- 5-day remand. 

10. Saidul Islam, 5-day remand.

11. Kefayet Ullah, 5-day remand.

12. Nur Hossain, 5-day remand.

13. Alauddin, 5-day remand.

14. Umme Sultana Popy, 5-day remand.

15. Md Shamim, arrested on April 15. 

16. Kamrun Nahar Moni, arrested on April 15 and granted a 5-day remand. 

17. Abdur Rahim Sharif, arrested on April 17 and statement under 164.

18. Vice-President of the Governing Body of Madrasah Ruhul Amin arrested on April 20 and remand for 5-day.

19. Imran Hossain Mamun, sent to jail directly. 

20. Eftekhar Uddin Rana, sent to jail directly. 

21. Mohiuddin Shakil, arrested on April 25 from Feni’s Ukilpara.

Those gave a confessional statement in the court —

SM Sirajuddoula, Nur Uddin, Shahadat Hossain Shamim, Abdur Rahim Sharif, Hafez Abdul Kader, Umme Sultana Popy, Jabed Hossain, Mohammad Jobayer, Imran Hossain Mamun, Eftekhar Uddin Rana, Mohiuddin Shakil 

Those who didn’t give a confessional statement in the court — 

Sonagazi municipality councilor Maksud Alam and Absar Uddin, Ruhul Amin, Mohammad Shamim.  

The death awardees are — former principal of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa Md Sirajuddaula, Nur Uddin, Shahdat Hossain Shamim, Sonagazi municipality councillor Maksud Alam, Saifur Rahman Mohammad Jobayer, Jabed Hossain alias Sakhwat Hossain Jabed, Hafez Abdul Kader, Afsar Uddin, Kamrun Nahar Moni, Umme Sultana alias Popy alias Tuhin alias Shampa alias Champa, Abdur Rahim Sharif, Eftekhar Uddin Rana, Imran Hossain alias Mamun, Mohammad Shamim, Vice-President of the Governing Body of Madrasah Ruhul Amin and Mohiuddin Shakil. 

The Tribunal fined them Tk 1 lakh each.