How to watch ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse online

How to watch ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse online

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Published: 16:03 10 June 2021  

‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse; File Photo

‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse; File Photo

The year’s first solar eclipse, “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse, has begun at 2:12:30 pm on Thursday, BD time. However, the solar eclipse will not be seen from Bangladesh, said the Climate Division of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) today. 

Although the solar eclipse cannot be seen from Bangladesh, it can be seen online.

The eclipse started at 2:12:30 pm on Thursday, Bangladesh time. The central eclipse will begin at 3:55 pm. The maximum eclipse will begin at 4:41:58 pm. The central eclipse will end at 5:28:42 pm. The total eclipse will end at 7:11:12 pm Bangladesh time. gave detailed guidelines on how to view the “Ring of Fire” online. So, make sure never to look at the sun “without proper equipment” when watching this online!

If you can’t see the eclipse due to geography, cloudy conditions or quarantine restrictions, several online streams have been covering the historical incident.


NASA will stream a live broadcast for the viewers on NASA TV, however, it will appear dark until sunrise. “The webcast is highly dependent on weather,” NASA officials said, adding that the solar eclipse can also be seen on NASA’s YouTube channel.

Virtual Telescope Project

The Virtual Telescope Project, based near Rome, will host the live stream on its’ website or YouTube. will live stream the eclipse on YouTube and its web page.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Museums Greenwich in the United Kingdom is hosting a live stream from the Royal Observatory, traditionally located in London, on both Facebook and YouTube.