Alexa How to remove mouth odor in Ramadan

How to remove mouth odor in Ramadan

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Published: 15:21 10 May 2019   Updated: 16:10 10 May 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

In Ramadan, due to some minor mistakes, Fasting can be broken or uncompleted. So many do not brush teeth on fasting. And it is normal to create bad smell in the mouth. In that case, you must brush teeth after Shehri and Iftar. Many people use mouthwash at this time but know how the ‘Mouth Wash’ is harmful for teeth!

US Dental Association Scientists say that if you use mouthwash, the probability of diabetes increases a few times. But why is this? In the mouthwash, the ingredients contain those are Zinc, Gluconate, Triclosan, Thymol, Cetylpyridinium chloride etc. have a bad effect on the body. They increase the risk of diabetes.

So, if the use of the mouthwash spreads aroma from the mouth quickly, it can be a major problem later on.

So the way?

According to the scientists, to reduce mouth odor as well as to safe teeth and gums, you can use some natural methods instead of mouthwash. If the food is staying up between your teeth in the mouth it can spreads bad smell. Apple, carrot chew Eat these fruits in Iftar. It will clear up teeth gaps.

Cloves work as natural mouth wash. After the Iftar, you can keep cloves in the mouth for a while. The smell goes away. After Shehri and after Iftar, brush it. Must brush after eating brittle foods such as onions, garlic etc. in Shehri or Iftar. Clean the tongue while brushing these two times. Eat green tea and black tea to remove the smell of mouth. Tea can spoil the bad smell maker bacteria. Use T-tree oil, peppermint oil or lemon oil as the alternate of mouthwash. Leave smoking as soon as possible.