Alexa ‘Honorary’ for free power connection!

‘Honorary’ for free power connection!

Mohammad Sohel,

Published: 18:53 12 June 2019  

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File Photo

Customers do not get electricity connection without bribe in Noakhali. Contractors are being bribed as ‘honorary’ from every customer. Over 200 subscribers of the West Eozbaliya village, angry with the authorities not taking any action.

Under the supervision of Noakhali Palli Bidyut Samity, the process of providing residential electricity connections to 202 subscribers of the village has started. From the beginning, allegations of taking bribe from customers against Sonapur Rural Electricity Officer Ramiz Uddin, Sufi Ullah alias Sufi Member. Those who are unable to pay, they are threatened for not getting the connection. Customers also suffer from their electricity meters, wires, pillars trading. 

Victim Md. Harun said that he gave Tk 9,000 bribe to Ramiz Uddin for getting electricity connection.

“After paying Tk 9000, Ramiz Uddin and Sufi Member are pressurizing for more money,” alleged Dulal Bepari of the same village.  

Seeing the acceptance of bribe as ‘honorary’, Ramiz Uddin and Sufi Ullah said that it is necessary to honor the office and contractors to work at the right time. “So, Tk 4,000-5,000 are taking from customers.”

“Before the start of the electricity connection, the posters, banners, mikings have been done to customers for not involving any financial transactions with brokers” said DGM Md Zahirul Karim of Palli Bidyut’s Sonapur Zone Office, adding, “Nevertheless, if anybody is involved in financial transactions then necessary action will be taken.”