Alexa Homemade ‘spicy tomato sauce’

Homemade ‘spicy tomato sauce’

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Published: 17:34 6 October 2019   Updated: 17:35 6 October 2019

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We all are known how to use tomato sauce for breakfast or to enhance the taste of cooking! However, the sauce is always bought from the market. But do you know, the sauce is much healthier if you make it at home rather than buy it from the market.

So make the homemade spicy tomato sauce very easily. Let's find out this recipe-


2 tablespoon oil, ideally olive oil, 1 onion, finely chopped, 1 garlic clove, finely grated or crushed, 400g tin chopped tomatoes, ½ tablespoon vinegar, basil or mixed herbs, ½ tablespoon caster sugar.


Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the onion over low heat for 5 minutes, stirring regularly with a wooden spoon. Add the garlic and cook for a few seconds more. Add the tomatoes, herbs, and sugar and cook for 5 minutes, stirring regularly. Stir in a splash of water to loosen the sauce, if needed, and season to taste.

You can vary this pasta sauce so to suit your taste. For a spicy pasta sauce, add 1–2 pinches of dried chili flakes with the tomatoes. For a meaty flavor, fry chopped bacon, chorizo, salami or ham when cooking the onion. Or add at the end if you need to keep some of the sauce vegetarians.

This tomato sauce can be kept in the fridge for a week, or frozen for up to two months.