Alexa Have a good snack today with ‘Maggie Singara’!

Have a good snack today with ‘Maggie Singara’!


Published: 18:11 5 September 2019  



More or less everyone loves to have Singara. Singara with a cup of tea in the afternoon or evening may be a good snack. So, why are you making late? Let’s make special ‘Maggie Singara’ today at home today by following the recipe—


Maggie noodles like one and a half cups, 2 cups of flour, five teaspoons of punchforon, one cup of oil, one teaspoon of salt and water according to need.


At first, make a dough by mixing flour, salt, punchforon, and water in a container. Leave it for a while. Then cook Maggie Noodles in another container. Once cooked, let it cool. Now make bread with a small portion from the doe. Shape the bread into corners and close the mouth with Maggie Noodles. 

Then fry the Singaras in a frying pan. Keep the oven on medium heat. When it turns brown, put it on tissue paper to drain excess oil. Then serve tasty hot Maggie Singara with sauce.