Alexa Hatisur plant to remove acne scars

Hatisur plant to remove acne scars

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Published: 17:12 7 November 2019  

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Acne on face is one of the most embarrassing things ever for anyone. It hampers the beauty of your lovely face. Again, acne’s scars remain for a long time in your face. So, it is a matter of great worry.

There are many cosmetics available in the market to protect acne. But they are not beneficial to the skin at all. Rather they are harmful in many times. However, there will be a permanent solution to this problem by hatisur plant. So, you can remove acne by using natural cosmetics. Let’s know the way-

Hatisur plants are found in almost every place. This plant is very effective in eliminating acne scars. Mashed the leaves and shoots of this tree and put it on acne. Wash it with cold water after 1 hour and get rid of acne and its scars.