Handsome salary for less educated!

Handsome salary for less educated!

Md. Iris Alomdaily-bangladesh.com

Published: 19:55 23 February 2020   Updated: 21:03 23 February 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Many job advertisements have been seen across the capital every day seeking emergency appointments, qualification only Eight or SSC Pass, only three days working-day a week and salary are from 15 to 20 thousand takas. Such job advertisements are often visible on the walls, electric poles or mass transit in the capital's populated areas. In addition, many recruitment advertisements are seen in different daily newspapers.
Where millions of graduates have remained unemployed how it is possible to get a job for eighth-grader or SSC pass!

It has been known that all such jobs are fake. One type of cheating cycle has been earning billions of money by doing such fake offers to unemployed. Now, these cheating cycles are now active at the district level also. Law enforcement agencies said, there is more than 100 such kind of cycles active across the country.

Our correspondent spoke with a victim named Al-Amin, a student of Dhaka College, he went to an office named 'Orbit' in Paltan after seeing job notice. They first asked him to pay Tk 300 for registration and later he also paid Tk 700 for training. The next month, when he went to the office, no one was found at the office.

Al-Amin told Daily Bangladesh that family is unable to bear my educational cost and that's why I needed a job anyhow. Seeing the job notice, I went to Paltan's 'orbit' office but they cheated with me. The cycle has changed overnight at the Paltan office space and another company named Saira Security was seen in that office.

another victim named Bikat Hossain, a honors second-year student said, I am the eldest among my five siblings. Our family is not solvent and that's why I have to earn money to help the family. I search for jobs in many areas but failed. Right then, my friend inform me of a job, but they asked for Tk 50,000 as security and said it will be paid after training. So I manage the money selling my mother's gold chain but they cheated with me and ran away from the office.  Recently, such a complaint has been made against Lifeway Bangladesh Limited.

In this way, deception is going on in the name of giving jobs to unemployed youths. There are about 100 such fraudulent cycles that are active in different parts of the capital. Those who change the name of the office every month and billions of money are being snatched away. Law and order agencies are not taking action against those.

Another victim, Mohammed Itthadul Huq, told Daily Daily Bangladesh that he was looking for a job for his younger brother. Suddenly talking to a longtime friend of his, he said that he had a good job in marketing. The condition is that to get that job, you have to pay Tk 45,000 as security. He said that the money would be returned after three months of training. No receipt was given for taking the deposit money. That friend and organization is missing after paying the money.

When our correspondent went a company for job keeping their identity secret. It is said that you will not get such jobs anywhere in SSC pass. Later they asked Tk 20,000 as advance and said it will be paid after training and job location will also be informed later.

Two days later, along with some victims when our correspondent went to such a office of DOHS in Mohakhali. They found the office's name and staff have changed.

Victims said, with the help of some dishonest political persons and journalists the cycle doing this. They also managed the local leaders. There is no chance to understand that they are cheater seeing their office decoration.

When asked about fake job notifications and fraud, some members of the cheating team said, "We do not commit any fraud." The people you are talking about have changed offices. We do not have a relationship with a company named Orbit. We operate the Sierra Security Service.

People aware of this said that those who are being cheated by the alluring information should realize that there is no shortage of young people in the country who have completed graduation. Many of them are working for a salary of Tk 10,000 only. How can you get a job of Tk 20000 for SSC pass.

DMP's Media and Public Relations Department DC Masudur Rahman has called for the common people to be aware of fraud. He also asked the victims to file complaints to the Police Station if they victim of such fraud. The police will then take legal action to punish the members of the fraudsters.