Govt`s only purpose is to work for people: Quader

Govt`s only purpose is to work for people: Quader


Published: 17:03 26 July 2021  

Road Transport and Bridges and Minister Obaidul Quader

Road Transport and Bridges and Minister Obaidul Quader

Road Transport and Bridges and Minister Obaidul Quader said the sole purpose of the government formed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is to work for the well-being of the people. The Awami League believes in the empowerment of the people and has always respected the verdict of the people.

He said this while speaking to reporters on Monday.

The Minister said the government is working diligently under the efficient leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to protect the lives and livelihood of the people. But it is a matter of regret that no good deed of the government is ever seen by the BNP leaders.

He said the BNP leaders were adding to the suffering of the people through statements rather than working for the welfare of the people in this difficult situation. They are trying to confuse and terrorize the people in the media with only lip service by keeping a safety zone in their comfortable corner of the house.

The Awami League general secretary also said that protesting against the government has become the only political program of BNP. In the countries where there was fierce animosity between the government and the opposition, they are working unitedly for the welfare of the people. But it is unfortunate that while our government under the able leadership of Sheikh Hasina is working hard to save the livelihood of the people, BNP is increasing the misery of the people by giving false-fabricated statements every day.

Obaidul Quader said that the party called BNP has not only illegally seized power from its inception, but has established an undemocratic state system by undermining the spirit and democratic values ​​of the great liberation war. The people know who wanted to perpetuate power in an undemocratic and unconstitutional way.

He said the politics of conspiracy, coup, and assassination got legitimacy in the hands of BNP. It is possible for a political party like BNP to organize a mock election by creating a voteless election on February 15 and creating 1 crore 23 lakh fake voters. The party has turned into a corrupt one by politically recognizing the corruption of its top leaders. The BNP has even shamelessly amended the party constitution for him.